Cruise Passengers' Experience—Nunavut, Canada

Cruise Passengers' Experience—Nunavut, Canada
January 29, 2010
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Discover the charms of a Canadian Arctic cruise with Soshanah Jacobs, Expedition Leader, Cruise North Expeditions.

Transcript: Cruise Passengers' Experience—Nunavut, Canada

[Shoshanah Jacobs—Expedition Leader, Cruise North Expeditions] My name is Shoshanah Jacobs. I am the Expedition Leader for Cruise North Expeditions and we are currently sailing south in Peel Sound. The Expedition Leader is responsible for not only the safety of the passengers on board, in coordination with the Captain of the vessel, but also for making sure that we have a wicked good time.

Well certainly for the Northwest Passage it's all about the ice. In terms of the actual schedule and where we're going to visit, we don't know what we will encounter which makes it all the more fun.

[Elizabeth Bradfield—Naturalist, Cruise North Expeditions] But I mean I think that is part of the thrill, we have a general course in mind and some of the things that stay consistent are the land that's been shaped by ice. We get a lot of sandstone up here and some Precambrian shield. So old, old rocks in many cases. And I think the Arctic offers so many surprises.

[Cheryl Mason, visitor from B.C.] Well it's been a good day. We've seen polar bears by the pack ice and the last that was remarkably close. You could actually see them with the naked eye.

[Cameraman] What do you think? Doesn't get much better than that does it?

[Unnamed Tourist] No, it's extraordinary.

[Jeff Goodyear—Whale Biologist, Cruise North Expeditions] One of the aspects of this particular trip is to leave the big ship and go off in the Zodiacs. And in the Zodiac you can get a big distance away from the ship. You can…

There will be perhaps at times several zodiacs out in amongst the ice or maybe in the open water and we can go and pick our own quiet little area and sit and drift. And one of the most exciting things is to hear a whale and the sound echoes off of various broken ice. So you hear the sound and you don't know exactly where it is coming from. So it's the whole allure, there is a gestalt about the Arctic that I think attracts everyone, as it does me.

[Isabella Hennebury, tourist from Newfoundland] It's been a great trip and the atmosphere is just so unique.

[Ken Knowles, Naturalist, Cruise North Expeditions] People are drawn to the North, and to the, well not just the North but the Poles lets say. There is something that just keeps you there, it's the openness, the vastness, the beauty and the rare things you see. Of course for me the birds and the animals, but I love the spaciousness, the wildness, the sense of freedom. You don't feel constricted like you do in the city.

[Robert Yoshida, visitor from Ontario] For us it's a dream come true.

[Julia Yoshida, visitor from Ontario] Yes.

[Mr. Yoshida] And we've been to Antarctica but now its time to see more of my country, Canada.

[Ms. Jacobs] Nunavut is authentic Arctic, it's the only place were you can get the real experience and we are very lucky to have it here in Canada.

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